Important Note

Important Note

Calligraphy pen writing lettersGithub is where I previously did most of my development. I really liked github, they weren’t one of the “big guys” that runs the Internet and fills it full of trackers. They were always very fair in how they went about things. With Github, for $7.00 a month people like me could have actual enterprise quality source code management including a place for our private code.

Github was just purchased by Microsoft. Changes to github will undoubtedly come.

With Facebook we have seen the danger of what happens when the large companies have too much power. Facebook literally sold us out, they spread our private data all over the place, even to companies that are under scrutiny from our intelligence suspects is involved in espionage against us. For the large companies, ethics do not matter, they believe they are above the law and they have the money for expensive lawyers that allow them to operate above the law and when challenged, make deals that are less of a cost than they made from breaking the law.

The market is not really a free market when a few very large companies run everything. Github was an awesome service that was independent of those giants, but now it has been acquired.

I do not know how Microsoft will run it, but it is enough for me that they are now owned by one of the very large companies that is directly responsible for a culture of privacy exploitation that I can no longer use github.

Yesterday I had to purchase a linode to run my own git server. That is $10.00 a month, the cheapest plan they had, which is $3.00 a month more than my github account.

To many, that is a “big fucking deal” but I have needed new boots since January and not been able to replace them because of financial stress. I get headaches because of financial stress. I was not even able to buy anyone a Christmas gift last year because of financial stress, and that very painful to me.

It does not just stop at the $10.00 a month. Realistically it will cost $20.00 a month because I will need to set up a mirror of that server to act as a proper backup in the event that something goes wrong.

One of my “todo” list items is to set up a patreon account to help fund my coding projects, but before I do that I wanted to already have some WordPress stuff of worth to stick in it.

That is now delayed because I have to finish migrating all my github stuff to my new git server.

I currently have the git part working with a public interface working, one repository has been migrated: FlossWoff2.

It uses the GitList interface however that interface needs quite a bit work. For example, the commits tab with mailto links which have an e-mail address that really isn’t meant for people to send e-mail to. An earlier version of GitList had a remote execution vulnerability, so I will need to carefully look at every line of code both in GitList and its dependencies, and it also seems to have a lot of accessibility issues that need to be fixed.

This is going to delay my project to try and monetize WordPress through Patreon because first I need to fix GitList.

What I Am Doing

WordPress does not have a class autoloader. WordPress does not use namespaces.

My major contribution will be a PSR-4 infrastructure that allows namespaced classes to be installed and updated as easily as you can currently install WordPress hosted themes and plugins.

Additionally there will be plugins and themes that make use of those classes but are not hosted by WordPress. It’s the right way to do it, as those plugins and themes will then be able to use the namespaced PSR-4 classes.

I already have a replacement for Gravatar working that does not track users like Gravatar does and does not leak e-mail addresses like Gravatar does. It also uses SVG for generated avatars, so they always look good regardless of size and screen resolution. It needs more SVG generation, but it is done and working.

I already have a replacement for Google Fonts working that does not track users, and also allows the use of some fonts that are not part of Google Fonts. It’s a smarter font server than Google Fonts is too, as you don’t have to tell it what weights you want and whether or not you want the Italic variant.

I already have a replacement for the very old WordPress password management working, using Argon2id and giving the option of a properly salted 512 byte pre-hash that will make it virtually impossible for a SQLi attack (which many WordPress plugins are vulnerable to) to result in recovered WordPress passwords.

I am currently working on a not yet finished Content Security Policy class that will make it easier to defend against injected malware and XSS attacks.

All of this will make WordPress a much safer and more privacy aware platform from which to run your web site.

Additionally, for years I have run the LibreLAMP project which brings a better TLS stack and better LAMP stack to CentOS 7, and I also run an updated multimedia stack for CentOS 7 which benefits both desktop users of CentOS 7 (all 23 of us…) as well as being a tremendous benefit to servers that need a quality FFmpeg build for transcoding user submitted multimedia.

I can’t get funding from advertisements, advertisements track people and thus are in opposition to my core belief that people should have privacy in what they do on the Internet.

Please, if can spare anything at all, send a paypal donation to:

I hope to have things polished enough to have a patron up by July that allows people to donate that way and benefit from what they donate, but please, I’m hurting now.

Why did I spend $10 on a VPS for a git server if I’m hurting now? Well, after I finish moving my repos off of github I can cancel that payment and save $7.00 so I’m actually only spending $3.00 – but I have to get that process going now because I simply can’t risk what may happen once MS does take over (like fee increase, or requiring I open a MS developer account, or them running a bot that mistakes my repos as illegal and nukes them like they did to other people with other services, etc.)

Basically I depend upon the functionality of git. I trusted github, but I can’t trust it after the purchase, so I had to do this. I have about ten days to get everything moved before the next github billing cycle.

Thank you for your time.

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