WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

Rubix Cube with WordPress LogoI have a few plugins in development and have more planned. Primarily they are intended to help increase privacy (do cool stuff blogmasters want but without third party trackers) but some of them are just to improve plugins.

As I add plugins, the pages describing them will be children on this page.

One of the flaws WordPress has, it does not have a PSR-4 class autoloader. Having a class autoloader is in my opinion critical to any modern PHP web application, so I wrote one. It is simple, but it should be simple.

Most of my plugins will require the installation and use of this autoloader in combination with my collection of classes.

By separating the classes out from the plugins, not only does it make it easier for me to reuse them, but it makes it possible for other plugin and theme developers to reuse them without needing to bundle a copy of the class in their plugin or theme.

This is better for both stability and security, because what tends to happen with WordPress plugins that bundle third party classes, they do not get updated within the plugin which means often an old and sometimes insecure version of a class is what gets loaded and then used by all plugins regardless of which version of the class they bundle. The first plugin to load, that is the version of a class that gets loaded.

Autoloaders largely solve that issue.

Details and installation instructions are on the Class Autoloader page.

Pluggable Unplugged

This is a plugin that fixes several issues with WordPress core including poor generation of salts and CSRF tokens, as well as tracking that happens through Gravatar. It also provides the option of better password hashing using Argon2id. The plugin code is mostly finished, but the Gravatar replacement avatar server still needs work.

For the plugin: Pluggable Unplugged.

Neuter Community Events

This plugin fixes a privacy hole related to WordPress software revealing the geographic location of administrative users to a third party server. Perhaps it needs a better name, I am open to suggestions.

For the plugin: Neuter Community Events.

Anonymity protected with AWM Pluggable Unplugged