Neuter Community Events

Neuter Community Events

When you are a WordPress administrator and you log into your site and visit the dashboard, you are presented with a list of WordPress events taking place near you.

The way this happens is kind of creepy. Without asking, the WordPress software on your server sends both your location and your website URL to a server, parses the response, and sends the response to your browser.

For some people they might not mind that happening, but many of us do not like that personal information being submitted to their server without our permission.

This plugin prevents any personal information from being sent to their server.

After installing the plugin, you may still get location based events for up to twelve hours. That is information cached on your local server. Once that cache expires and your server makes another query, the query will no longer contain your location or website URL and instead, your dashboard will have a simple form where you can choose to enter a city name and get information about WordPress events located near the city you enter, but that is your choice. The way it should be.

To view the plugin:

To install this plugin:

cd /path/to/wordpress/wp-content
[ ! -d mu-plugins ] && mkdir mu-plugins
cd mu-plugins
curl -O

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