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With WordPress, you have to be careful not to install too many plugins or it goes to sh*t. That’s what you hear repeated and it is true, but not because of quantity. Rather because of quality.

Well written plugins do what they set out to do without interfering with things they do not need to touch, and generally have very specific tasks they perform.

This is a short list of plugins written by other developers that I recommend everyone use.

Disable Emojis
Virtually every modern browser supports emojis natively. But WordPress Core runs several pieces of JavaScript to detect if a browser supports emojis, and replaces emojis with third party hosted SVG images when it thinks the browser does not support emojis. The JavaScript is completely unnecessary code that frequently is wrong, resulting in reduced page performance by requiring additional HTTP requests for what the browser can already do. Using this plugin prevents this broken eye candy feature from running, and yes, Emojis will still work just fine for the vast majority of people. Disable Emojis
Post Type Switcher
WordPress Core is missing a critical feature. Sometimes you start to write a page but you meant to write a post, and sometimes you start to write a post but you meant to write a page. Core does not have a way to switch from one to the other after the fact even though both are stored in the same database. This plugin provides that missing core feature. Post Type Switcher
XML Sitemap and Google News Feeds
Search engines benefit greatly from site maps using Google’s XML Sitemap specification. Many plugins provide a sitemap feature, but it is not always written well. This plugin is written just for that purpose and it does it very well. XML Sitemap and Google News feeds

This is a list of plugins is plugins I recommend when specific tasks are needed, but do not otherwise need to be installed.

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